Alfonso Crespo Artist Profile

Professional Oil Painter.

Born in Spain, I live and work in The Netherlands since 2007.
I love to paint, either with palette knife or pencils. I paint portraits and landscapes on commission.

My style combines large parts of unsaturated with vivid and saturated colors, so my paintings become vibrant and lively. I use always best quality oil paint and canvases and I like to paint with thick strokes.

I can ship my paintings 6 weeks after receiving the order (my paintings take several weeks to completely dry).

Sample prices:
12x16" (30x40 cm): 250€ (300 US$)
16x24" (40x60 cm): 350€ (425 US$)
24x36" (60x90 cm): 480€ (590 US$)
30x40" (71x106 cm): 525€ (650 US$)
36x48" (91x121 cm): 690€ (850 US$)


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