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Instapainting is a platform for top independent artists and studios. Artists are vetted based on their personal portfolios, exhibitions, and projects. Unlike other websites, your order won't be sent to an art factory to be churned out by workers.

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We get you the best possible artist based on your requirements by sending your order to all appropriate artists. You can compare their turnaround times, customer reviews, and past order samples in case you want to override our process!

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  • Real paint—not digital. Your photo becomes a real physical painting, not a digital one. The artist paints with real paint on real canvas.
  • Direct-From-Artist. Communicate directly with a real artist—no middlemen or factory workers.
  • View your painting image online and approve it before it ships.
  • Unlimited revisions and BrushVision technology makes it easy to see changes between revisions. Mark up your painting on our website easily.
  • We ship FREE worldwide with full tracking and insurance.
  • USA Company. We are a US-based corporation with offices in San Francisco, CA.


Kaitlyn from East Stroudsburg, US
★★★★★ 08/21/2018

Deborah from Arvada, US
★★★★★ This artist did a great job. I am very pleased. 08/20/2018

Taqqi from Greensboro, US
★★★★★ Amazing work done in amazing time. Created a piece that will be a part of my family forever. 08/19/2018

Maitland from Regina, CA
★★★★ Very well done but a blemish on the nose that I don’t think was in the original picture 08/19/2018

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