Refund Policy


Due to the custom nature of all orders, Instapainting cannot issue refunds or cancellations if any work is started by the artist unless an exception is made by the selling artist.

Money Back Guarantee Offer

If you receive your painting and do not like the quality of the physical product for any reason, we will process a 100% full refund if you contact us to make a Money Back Guarantee claim against your artist within 30 days of receiving the painting, and ship the artist's painting to us for inspection. You must have made at least one revision request with your artist prior to shipping, and the product must be shipped in its original condition, to qualify for the full refund. We cannot issue refunds or force selling artists to issue refunds except through this special offer. Money Back Guarantee claims can only be made at the conclusion of your order after you have received the physical painting from the artist. Filing a dispute with your bank, credit card, PayPal dispute, or other dispute with a payment processor will waive your right to our Money Back Guarantee offer under this policy.

To begin the refund process, simply email requesting a refund for a specific item in an order within 30 days of receiving your item from your artist. Once your refund request is confirmed, we will send you an address to ship the painting to and it must be delivered within 14 days (after which the claim will be assumed to be abandoned and your payment will be released to the artist).

Refunds will be issued within 14 days of receipt of your painting, and once a refund is issued the credit will appear on your bank statement in 5-10 business days. PayPal payments refunded will appear in your account immediately.

Limitations of Money Back Guarantee Offer

Money Back Guarantee claims are limited to one (1) refund requests per 365 day period, per customer. One refund request can be made for only one item in an order. may deny refunds at our sole discretion if we believe a refund is requested by the same customer more than the allowed number of times under this policy. Customer shall be responsible for full payment of any orders that are denied refunds under this policy.

The following requirement applies only to orders placed after April 7, 2020.

Claims will only be approved if the customer has made at least one (1) revision request with the artist through our website after the completion of the painting and prior to shipping the order. A revision request is considered any request to change a part of the painting that does not contradict the original order instructions, specifications, or photo reference. For example if the original order instructions requested a green background, or the original photo references show a green background, a request to change the background color to blue after completion may not be considered a revision request because it contradicts previously supplied instructions (even though most artists may still complete the change request as a courtesy).

Damaged or Lost Shipments

Damaged or lost shipments will be repainted and re-shipped, or repaired—at the artist's discretion—free of charge if damage is reported within 30 days of delivery or after 30 days of the last shipping tracking status update. Refunds cannot be given for damaged or lost paintings (only replacement paintings).