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The artist is Cindy, an academic artist, and teacher with 27 years of experience in education. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education and graduated from the University of Wisconsin's Academy of Fine Arts in 1991.
Her work is influenced by the great artist of the 14th to 16th European Renaissance such as Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. She also leans toward Realism or Naturalism, as she attempts to represent the subject matter as visually accurate as possible.
Her specialty is in a variety of subject matter; pets, portraits, still lifes, and more. Her skill is strongest in pencil; graphite, colored, charcoal, pastel pencils and more.
Cindy's work is represented physically in many private collections of North America, and digitally throughout the world.


You can get your artwork in Graphite pencil or Colored pencil on quality acid-free drawing paper. 300 series -medium
weight and surface.
9 x 12 Graphite Pencil= $77.00
12 x 16 Graphite Pencil= $99.00
16 x 20 Graphite Pencil= $104.00
18 x 24 Graphite Pencil= $111.00
20 x 24 Graphite Pencil= $113.00
24 x 36 Graphite Pencil= $141.00
30 x 40 Graphite Pencil= $157.00

9 x 12 Colored Pencils= $89.00
12 x 16 Colored Pencils= $99.00
16 x 20 Colored Pencils= $115.00
18 x 24 Colored Pencils= $123.00
20 x 24 Colored Pencils= $126.00
24 x 36 Colored Pencils= $170.00
30 x 40 Colored Pencils= $191.00

12 x 16 $118.00
16 x 20 $220.00
18 x 24 $310.00
20 x 24 $415.00
24 x 36 $500.00
30 x 40 $610.00
Other prices discussed on commission.


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