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John Prehart is an Artist from the New Jersey area specializing in Portraiture and Landscape art. He has a Bachelors in Fine Arts from William Paterson University. His many talents include working with Acrylic, and Oil Paints as well as traditional drawing mediums. John has a genuine passion for the arts and exploring multiple mediums to express his creativity. .He has more than 15 years experience with commission based projects ranging from portraits to murals.

His pallet tends to be very vibrant with color to capture the full range of his subject. John has shown work in and around the NewYork City area, and some of his work has been published in various tattoo books. When he’s not in the studio, John is a part time painting instructor sharing his techniques with advanced and novice painters alike.

Art Publications:

Black and White volume 3 : Out of step books

Enchanted fairy tales: Out of step books

Instagram :

Print shop :

Price list for Colored Pencils work:
11 x 14"(27 x 36 cm): $150 USD
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $200 USD
16×24″ (40×60 cm): $250 USD
24×36″ (60×90 cm): $325 USD
30×40″ (76×101 cm): $425 USD
36×48″ (91×121 cm): $520 USD

Price list for Oil Painting and Acrylic Painting (please order Oil Painting and request acrylic in the instructions):
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $ 550USD
16×24″ (40×60 cm): $ 800USD
24×36″ (60×90 cm): $ 1,200USD
30×40″ (76×101 cm): $ 2,000USD
36×48″ (91×121 cm): $ 3,000USD

Price list for black and white drawings:
11 x 14"(27 x 36 cm): $100 USD
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $ 150 USD
16×24″ (40×60 cm): $ 200 USD
24×36″ (60×90 cm): $ 250 USD
30×40″ (76×101 cm): $ 300 USD
36×48″ (91×121 cm): $ 400 USD

hackettstwon, NJ

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