horse tack - Custom Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo

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Custom Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo


Shirley McCune from Temecula,
★★★★★Love my painting! Thank you!

Shirley McCune from Temecula,
★★★★★This is my second order that I've received from Edmond Li. He does a great job and is always easy to communicate with. Highly recommend Edmond for your paintings!

Lois G Heimer from Scottsdale,
★★★★★Thank you so much for the quality and for taking my order. You did an amazing job and I look forward to receiving the artwork! You have made us so happy!

Don Ebaugh from Hampstead,
★★★★★I am happy to give my artist 5 stars. The work is very good.

Elise Brzoska from Norwalk,
★★★★★This mixed-media painting was so well done and was a total hit with my brother-in-law for Christmas! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing art and willingness to work with me to get this project done. I had originally submitted a concept that was not possible with mixed media but was able to send a photoshopped image to accomplish my goal and it came out perfectly! I am so impressed with this service and will definitely order again in the future!!