Restore or Colorize an Old Photo - Oil Painting from Photo

Restore or colorize an old photo by having an artist re-interpret and hand-paint it. Fix damaged areas or fill in holes.

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Oil Painting from Photo
Restore or Colorize an Old Photo


Lisa A. Palmer from Prospect,
★★★★★My painting is stunning. I have an 8 x 10 that I cherished, but this one is so much more life like. Thank you Joy Chen. You have a true gift!

Nikki Edwards from O'Fallon,
★★★★★I am thrilled this painting is meticulous and beautiful. My artist actually placed all of the expression and heart in the eyes of this child. I love it. Thank you Ms. Wu for your talent and kindness.

Sheena Locklin from Milton ,
★★★★★Easy to work with. Final product was amazing. We presented my granfather with the portrait of my grandmother, who had recently passed away, on the their 64th anniversary date. It brought us all to tears. Thank you!

★★★★★I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the results of my painting. The artist was very workable and excellent communication through the entire process. I would highly recommend and definitely will be my choice in the future!

Kathryn Yeniyurt from Jackson,
★★★★★Beautiful work! I could not be more pleased. The artist rendered an excellent image from a very old and imperfect photograph. Another site told me that it was not possible to reproduce the photograph as a painting. My husband cried when he saw the painting of his grandfather. I cannot thank you enough!

Dennis Connor from Lewisville,
★★★★★Great work, appreciate the corrections and modifications you made it made it so much better. Will enjoy it