lip - Oil Painting from Photo

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Oil Painting from Photo


Rachel Arms from Ann Arbor,
★★★★★ Absolutely love it! Only one problem. The artist never signed it.

Sidhartha Reddy Beeram from Centreville,
★★★★★ I have received my painting and its such an awesome piece. Love to order more.. Thanks once again for the beauty

Jesus cortez from Santa Ana,
★★★★★ Fantastic artwork I love it,thank you very much

Jody Gill from Tryon,
★★★★★ Beautifully done by a very kind artist who was pleasant to work with. Thank you very much.

Audrey Tice-Abel from Miami,
★★★★★ Painting was done in a timely manner and turned out quite beautiful. Shipping took some time but it was worth the wait. Fabulous work. Thank you.

Jodi Light from New Boston,
★★★★★ The end result was phenomenal. They painted exactly what I wanted them to and edited it just how I asked. The painting was a gift to my best friends family as she had passed away in September 2018. They loved it! Highly recommend them.