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Custom Oil Painting from Photo


Virgil Griffith from Singapore,
★★★★★Very responsive. Was able to make pleasant alterations as well.

Carolyn woda from Cedarburg,
★★★★★Husband was thrilled with the painting.

Meeky Hirst State Farm from Atlanta,
★★★★★Ms Alice is incredibly gifted. My husband loved the surprise anniversary gift of the lions from our Serengeti trip. We were amazed - photo of the art does not do justice. She made the lions vibrant and alive. Art arrived securely wrapped in pvc pipe in timely manner. Throughout whole process, Ms. Alice and team were very attentive to requests for change and responsive. Overall, wonderful experience and I would recommend. 👍🏼👍🏼

Katie Atkinson from Wichita Falls,
★★★★★I was extremely satisfied with the job done by Sandiyart. I highly recommend this artist. It was a job well done and to me the painting is priceless...

Eduardo Esquivel from Stockton,
★★★★Was willing to work with me. I’m a strong believer of zodiac signs and wanted to do something different for my mom and dad. The wording that was written at the bottom wasn’t so clear . But was happy overall with the finished product.

wade williams from Wellington,
★★★★★Outstanding job! All additions and subtractions from the photo world outstanding.