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Custom Oil Painting from Photo


Jeff Knight from Thomasville,
★★★★★I received my painting yesterday. I was astounded! It is an awesome piece of work. Captured our cat just like I wanted. I am much more than satisfied with the work. I would definitely recommend this painter. Five Stars for sure. Jeff Knight

Tiffany DiLorenzo from Northbridge,
★★★★My artist had a tough job capturing the personalities of my sisters dog and cat. Her cat has a very dark face but I think he did a great job. Her dog came out PERFECT, which was so important as she just passed away. She is going to treasure this painting so much. I am very excited to give it to her for Christmas. Thank you so much!

David Zeller from Fort worth,
★★★★★Thank you for your efforts...its a wonderful gift...Dave

Linda j Zupan from Greensburg,
★★★★★We are very pleased with Our painting from Alice Wu. Beautiful life look work! We will treasure her memory with our painting portrait!!

Daniel Canales from PT PLEAS BCH,
★★★★★I was very satisfied with the painting and the work done by the artist.

Joseph Phung from Stony Brook,
★★★★★Amazing work by Maria Art