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Turn your wedding photo into a personalized, handmade portrait. View thousands of examples from real customers. Ready to be shipped in about 7-10 days.

Select a product, upload a photo, and we'll find the best artist to paint "wedding portrait paintings". You can browse wedding-paintings painting samples from real customers and artists. You’ll see a variety of types of custom wedding portraits that are tailored to your specific preferences and budget. Whether you want a custom wedding painting to celebrate your new marriage or you’re shopping for a gift for a friend or family member, the professional artists at Instapainting can create the best wedding portraits for a timeless keepsake. Work directly with the artist of your choice to ensure you get exactly what you want. Start now by uploading a wedding photo.

Instapainting lets you get your photo painted or drawn by a real artist, starting at just $89.Just upload a photo and we automatically match you with an artist suited for your order who ships you the artwork. Most orders are delivered to your door within 3 weekswith expedited shipping. This gallery showcases real orders from real artists and customers.

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Custom Watercolor Painting from Photo
Wedding Portrait Paintings

Hand-Painted Portrait of Your Big Day

Tying the knot is a huge occasion and one that you’ll celebrate for years to come! So why not capture the excitement and joy of the day with a handmade custom wedding painting? Our professional artists can take any photo of your special day and transform it into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind portrait you’ll enjoy looking at daily. The best wedding portraits are the ones that convey personal significance and meaning to you. Let our talented artists help you capture the essence and anticipation of your wedding day by working with them one-on-one to achieve the desired look you’re after. Once you select an artist, you’ll get to provide instructions on what you want and provide feedback during the production process. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

Capture Your Wedding Party on Canvas

A wedding party is truly a special group of people! They have the opportunity to stand by your side while you take the plunge and transition into married life. Typically, they’re made up of close family members and friends who have loved you, supported you, and guided you through your relationship with your significant other. So why wouldn’t you want to recreate special moments with those amazing individuals from your wedding day? Our professional artists can create cool wedding portraits based on photos of you, your family, and your friends from your special day. You can use these portraits to decorate your home or give away as gifts as you see fit. Most importantly, these beautiful custom wedding portrait paintings will always remind you and your loved ones of that special day when you said “I do.”

Turn a Candid Reception Photo into a Cherished Memory

Remember when your aunt got down and dirty on the dance floor? Or when your little cousin was the most adorable flower girl? Funny wedding portraits can capture some of those cherished memories from your wedding day. Our experienced artists only use the highest quality materials to create a final product that looks and feels priceless. Plus, your handcrafted portrait will withstand the test of time so you can enjoy it for years to come. If you have a special moment you want to remember from the day you got hitched, a custom wedding portrait is a creative and fun way to freeze that moment in time and enjoy it over and over again. Upload a candid photo from your reception and have one of our professional artists transform it into a funny wedding portrait that will always have a great story to go with it.

Start by Uploading Your Nuptials Photo Today

A personalized wedding portrait is an amazing anniversary gift, Christmas gift, or housewarming present for someone you love. It’s also something you can order for yourself if you just want a new and creative way to enjoy the special moments from your wedding day and cherish the love that you and your spouse have. If you’re ready to get started, just select the type of custom wedding portrait you want and upload a photo. Then, write any instructions you have for the artist and submit the order. We’ll follow up with you by helping you choose an available artist that meets your stylistic preferences and budget. Although every project is different, generally, your custom wedding portrait will take less than three weeks to create, review, and ship to you. Ready to get your hand-painted wedding portrait? Start today by uploading a wedding photo.


Alex Saare from Carate Urio,
★★★★★Absolutely beautiful work. Thank you very much!

Amanda Boudreau from Smyrna,
★★★★★The painting I received was even better than I imagined. Took my vision and made it a reality. I’m sure the bride and groom will love it!!!

Patricia Cook from Nutley,
★★★★★The painting came out so beautiful, so life like yet ethereal! My mother was so thrilled! We had a few issues early in the process with ratios and being able to include a few important elements but the artist worked with me on it and we resolved it. I would highly recommend this service for its quality and uniqueness! I will definitely use them again.

Nicholas Arena from Mattoon,
★★★★★Would do again!!

Spencer Horn from Southampton,
★★★★★Artist was very quick with their responses and treated me with the upmost respect. They did a wonderful job and even corrected an issue I had without delaying delivery.

Ronald Wilson from Bedford,
★★★★★I'm floored by the beauty of this painting! I will recommend this artist to all of my friends. I'm going to return for more paintings!!